28 de agosto de 2011

black box

The weather was absolutely perfect on this morning,
So we could see everything very clearly.
You knew that there had been a terrible eruption
But you couldn't see any machinery,
You just see this collapsing ice.
When we got closer, the pilot said there was something
On the radar that he hadn't seen the day before.
Then we saw for the first time what had happened in the crater.
We saw nothing but black ice, covered with ash and then water
With floating ice blocks and ash at the bottom.
I got really afraid,
My heart missed a beat.
I felt this had already happened
But I was about to see it again...

We only got a very brief glimpse but you really felt
You were seeing something nobody had seen before.

1 dpi:

Isabel Metello 6/9/11 20:48  

Are "black and white always right"? :) Adorei!

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