30 de novembro de 2012

Lunar Eclipse - A new moon's rising

I have seen you countless times before, 
Yet tonight I sit in my veranda, 
Waiting for but a glimpse of you, 
Never this excited for the moon, 
Never acknowledged, 
Yet every night you light my night, 
Quietly silently you pray, 
For me to look at you, 
Each night I never did, 
But tonight I sit for you in wait, 
Then you show me your majestic beauty, 
Your aura reflecting a thousand colours, 
Colours I have never seen, 
 I sit looking at you in awe, 
Within seconds you disappear, 
Playing an eternal game of hide and seek, 
I kept searching the night sky for you, 
You no longer displayed your beauty, 
Now you will return when I watch the sky no more, 
Making me realise that the moon I had never seen before. 

Qudsia Pervez


27 de novembro de 2012

When the storm - 15th November, 2012

...can't prevent a storm to come - no matter how deep, how fast, how long...

swolled horizon
in the distant sky
depths of blue on silver grey
darken beauty that caught my eye

Analogue report Here
...thanks for watching...



Full project Here
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