30 de novembro de 2012

Lunar Eclipse - A new moon's rising

I have seen you countless times before, 
Yet tonight I sit in my veranda, 
Waiting for but a glimpse of you, 
Never this excited for the moon, 
Never acknowledged, 
Yet every night you light my night, 
Quietly silently you pray, 
For me to look at you, 
Each night I never did, 
But tonight I sit for you in wait, 
Then you show me your majestic beauty, 
Your aura reflecting a thousand colours, 
Colours I have never seen, 
 I sit looking at you in awe, 
Within seconds you disappear, 
Playing an eternal game of hide and seek, 
I kept searching the night sky for you, 
You no longer displayed your beauty, 
Now you will return when I watch the sky no more, 
Making me realise that the moon I had never seen before. 

Qudsia Pervez

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